The Snowshoe Foundation

Dedicated to Enhancing the Quality of Life in Our Local Communities

Supporting Communities of Pocahontas, Webster, & Randolph County, WV

The Snowshoe Foundation supports local communities in Pocahontas, Webster, & Randolph County, WV.

The Snowshoe Foundation is dedicated to providing financial support to local community-based organizations whose activities provide benefits to the communities in Central West Virginia.

The Foundation began as an initiative to enhance the quality of life within our local communities. We are a 501 (c3) non-profit organization dedicated to serving the children and families of Webster, Pocahontas, Randolph, and surrounding counties. Our board of directors is comprised of committed individuals from these areas who actively seek to provide help and hope to area residents. The Snowshoe Foundation is a distinct entity from Snowshoe

Get Involved: Participate in Our Four Main Fundraisers

The Snowshoe Foundation organizes four major fundraising events each year to support our grant and scholarship programs, as well as numerous charitable organizations and worthwhile community endeavors that strengthen our communities. Along with several other initiatives during the year, we proudly host the Winter Benefit Dinner, Foundation Golf Tournament and Treasure on the Mountain Raffle. When you combine these fundraising events with the regular donations given by our generous contributors and the efforts of our dedicated volunteers, the Snowshoe Foundation has become a distinguished and integral element enabling local residents to achieve an enhanced quality of life. We invite all who are able to get involved. Join us and experience the enduring satisfaction of making a difference.


June 11, 2021

Golf Tournament

When golf great Gary Player was finished designing the Raven Golf Course, he was left in awe by it’s scenery: “I have yet to see a course that compares with this one for mountain beauty,” said Player. It’s only appropriate that such an incredible golf tournament be held in such inspiring scenes. The Snowshoe Foundation Golf Tournament is a 4-person best ball tournament. Prizes for standard golf tournaments are provided along with a live auction that will leave you salivating over the items. Great Golf, Incredible Course, Quality Food and Drink, and Wonderful Prizes – You’ve got to experience the Snowshoe Foundation Golf Tournament!

August 7, 2021

On The Mountain

It’s mind-blowing! Buying a raffle ticket for the Treasure on the Mountain Raffle sponsored by Davis Trust and the Snowshoe Foundation enters you in the best raffle contest in West Virginia. Locating the raffle party on the top of Snowshoe Mountain with incredible food and drink vendors, awesome entertainment, and hundreds of festive patrons, all of your senses will experience euphoria (even if you don’t have a winning ticket)!

Treasure on the Mountain tickets are sold out.

Annual Event

Dave Dekema
Holiday Toy Drive

Many local families can use a helping hand, especially during the holiday season. A toy can bring joy and hope to the life of a child. The Snowshoe Foundation invites individuals and businesses to donate to our annual Holiday Toy Drive, which honors the life of a great leader, our dear friend and community member, David Dekema. Direct donations for our 2019 Holiday Toy Drive will be accepted throughout the year. We welcome your participation. We humbly thank you for your decision to donate holiday joy to local children during this year's season of lights.


Benefit Dinner

Each February, the Winter Benefit Dinner provides the best live entertainment, incredible food, and the most fun that can be had on the mountain. Whether you’re casually enjoying the company of those in attendance, or trying to win one of the many auction items, the Snowshoe Foundation puts on a magical evening. One of the best ways to donate to the Foundation is to secure your tickets today and attend the Winter Benefit Dinner. It may just be one of the most fun evenings of your life.

* The ice dinner event for 2021 has been canceled.

Money Distributed to the Community


D&E Highlands
Scholar Program


Smoke Detector Program






Treasure Commissions & Food Vendors


Toy Drive

Being a Good Neighbor: Addressing Challenges to Help Local Families

The Snowshoe Foundation strives to be the good neighbor to families in the local communities that surround us. It is a privilege to live in this area of the state, yet some unique challenges exist that highly populated areas do not deal with. There are multiple needs that our smaller communities face, and the Foundation prides itself on helping these communities and the families within overcome these challenges. Stronger communities are better for everyone. Whether rebuilding a fence around a local baseball field, helping provide funding for local food banks, supporting healthier lifestyle events, or supplementing higher education scholarships, the Snowshoe Foundation is dedicated to being a good neighbor during good times, as well as difficult moments.

Ways You Can Donate

Make a One time Direct Donation to The Snowshoe Foundation through PayPal.

One time Direct Donation

Follow our link below to make a direct, one time donation to our foundation. When you donate to the Snowshoe Foundation, your donation will be utilized to improve the quality of life for multiple, small-town communities
in Central West Virginia.

Donate Today

Use the Amazon Smile Program to donate a percentage of your Amazon purchases to the Snowshoe Foundation at no extra cost to you.

Amazon Smile Program

Want to do more for the community with purchases that you already make? The Amazon Smile program donates a percentage of your Amazon purchases to the Snowshoe Foundation at no extra cost to you. Just be sure to select “Snowshoe Foundation” and shop under the link.

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Snowshoe Foundation News

January 30, 2021

Congratulations to Harry P! Your ticket #2522 is the January 30th, 2021 Early Bird Winner for Treasure on the Mountain!

August 08, 2020

Winner of the 3:00 – 2020 Ford F150 Crew Cab
Ticket number 3809 – Amy P

Winner of the 3:05 – $1,000 Cash
Ticket number 4698 – Cameron S

2nd Winner of the 3:15 – $1,000 Cash
Ticket number 8444 – Harold S

Winner of the 3:10 – Weatherby 12 Gauge Over and Under Shotgun
Ticket number 3256 – Taylor W

Winner of the 3:15 – $1,000 Cash
Ticket number 9618 – Anita G

Winner of the 3:20 – Treager Pro 780 Pellet Grille
Ticket number 8584 – John S

Winner of the 3:25 – 70″ Smart TV
Ticket number 7828 – Roger B

Winner of the 3:30 – $1,000 Cash
Ticket number 8772 – Sheena S

Winner of the 3:35 – $1,000 Stihl Shopping Spree
Ticket number 3287 – Jeanine H

Winner of the 3:40 – $1,000 Cash
Ticket number 7779 – Mathew M

Winner of the 3:45 – Microsoft Surface Laptop
Ticket number 9279 – Cindy P

Winner of the 3:50 – IKON Adventure Pass – includes 41 global destinations
Ticket number 6244 – Beul S

Winner of the 3:55 – $1,000 Cash
Ticket number 1734 – Vern H

Winner of the 4:00 – 2020 Jeep Cherokee 4X4
Ticket number 6755 – Matt H

Winner of the 4:05 – $1,000 Cash
Ticket number 4056 – Matt W

Winner of the 4:10 – All Inclusive Caribbean Cruise for 4
Ticket number 7577 – Leslie M

Winner of the 4:15 – Oculus Virtual Reality Headset and Accessories
Ticket number 4585 – Shannon S

Winner of the 4:20 – $2,000 Washer and Dryer Package
Ticket number 3868 – Jim H

Winner of the 4:25 – $1,000 Cash
Ticket number 7271 – Brian G

Winner of the 4:30 – $1,000 Yeti Cooler Package
Ticket number 0977 – Lewis F

Winner of the 4:35 – $1,000 Cash
Ticket number 4455 – Martin H

Winner of the 4:40 – Browning A-Bolt Medallion 300 Win Mag
Ticket number 6460 – Caleb G

Winner of the 4:45 – $1,000 Cash
Ticket number 4337 – Cindy D

Winner of the 4:50 – $1,000 Bose Sound System Package
Ticket number 1985 – Jaclyn L

Winner of the 4:55 – Snowshoe Lift and Lodging Package for 4
Ticket number 0922 – Andrea C

Winner of the 5:00 – 2020 Ford Ranger Crew Cab
Ticket number 5889 – Kelly S

Winner of the 5:05 – $1,000 Cash
Ticket number 6270 – Ann M

Winner of the 5:10 – 70′ Smart TV
Ticket number 9943 – Becky R

Winner of the 5:15 – $1,000 His / Her Citizen Watch Package
Ticket number 8341 – Andrew M

Winner of the 5:20 – Kimber Micro 9
Ticket number 8583 – Dolores G

Winner of the 5:25 – $1,000 Cash
Ticket number 4780 – John K

Winner of the 5:30 – ATV Can-Am Outlander
Ticket number 7250 – Tina W

Winner of the 5:35 – $1,000 Cash
Ticket number 2860 – Ora M

Winner of the 5:40 – NYC Trip for 4 Lodging/ Airfare
Ticket number 8544 – Barry H

Winner of the 5:45 – $1,000 Cash
Ticket number 8100 – Craig S

Winner of the 5:50 – Airfare to Vegas for 2 and $500 Cash
Ticket number 9966 – Cindy D

Winner of the 5:55 – $1,000 Cash
Ticket number 0154 – Bill R

Winner of the 6:00 – Polaris Rzr RS1
Ticket number 8901 – Jack C

Winner of the 6:05 – $1,000 Cash
Ticket number 6795 – Thomas R

Winner of the 6:10 – $1,000 Vera Bradley Package
Ticket number 6864 – Cindy C

Winner of the 6:15 – $1,000 Cash
Ticket number 5322 – Kevin G

Winner of the 6:20 – $1,000 Amish Furniture Package
Ticket number 1973 – Rudolph P

Winner of the 6:25 – $1,000 Cash
Ticket number 0617 – Charles B

Winner of the 6:30 – Ruger Vaquero 45 LC Revolver
Ticket number 9949 – Elizabeth M

Winner of the 6:35 – $1,000 Cash
Ticket number 1969 – Matthew C

Winner of the 6:40 – $2,500 Cash
Ticket number 0369 – Ivan K

Winner of the 6:45 – $10,000 Cash
Ticket number 1140 – Johanna M

Winner of the 6:50 – $15,000 Cash
Ticket number 7556 – Matt G

Winner of the 6:55 – $50,000 Cash
Ticket number 3620 – Truman N

Winner of the 7:00 – 2020 Jeep Gladiator Rubicon Truck
Ticket number 7468 – Stephanie M
Thank you all for your support and looking forward to 2021’s Treasure on the Mountain

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