Snowshoe Foundation 2020-2021 Award Recipients

Recognizing the Generosity of Our Community Members

Each of our award recipients has dedicated his or her time, resources, and skills to provide services through the Snowshoe Foundation, and is worthy of distinguished recognition. Our professional awards are presented each year to salute the accomplishments of individuals, groups, businesses, and/or organizations that have exhibited an outstanding effort toward furthering the mission and goals of the Foundation. Some of the awards that we have bestowed on our generous community members include the Snowshoe Foundation Business of the Year Award, The Snowshoe Foundation Volunteer of the Year Award, and The Snowshoe Foundation Lifetime Achievement Award.

Improving Lives With Grants and Scholarships in Central West Virginia

The Snowshoe Foundation provides funding through one-time grants and scholarships to help further our mission to enhance the quality of life for the people of our Central West Virginia mountain home. We strive to provide benefits to advance and improve the lives of local families and society in a variety of ways. From college scholarships to grants for projects designed to improve our communities through literacy, technology, health science, and more, your contributions make a significant difference in the everyday lives of area residents!

Some of the numerous grants and scholarships awarded during 2020-2021 by the Snowshoe Foundation are listed below.

American Red CrossSnowshoe Blood Drive Support – $1,000.00
Bartow Franklin Volunteer Fire and RescueComputer Upgrade Project – $2,000.00
Beverly Elementary PAWS- We are prepared by always being charged, wiping equipment, keeping sound from bothering others – $1,770.00
Carnegie Hall IncCarnegie Classrooms- Pocahontas County Classrooms – $1,400.00
Catholic Charities of WV- ElkinsAwning for entrance to Catholic Charities – $3,400.00
Challenged Athletes of WVWinter Uniform Jacket Project – $6,600.00
Coalton Elementary SchoolCoalton Elementary Playground Improvement – $3,000.00
Elkins Welcome Center and CVB Enhancing Professional Marketing – $1,228.00
Elkins High School BandTuba Time – $4,000.00
Elkins High School FacilitiesOperation Door Temp – $4,000.00
Elkins High School TrackNew Uniform Project – $2,500.00
Elks John Ballentyne Memorial Golf ProgramElks John Ballentyne Memorial Jr Golf Program – $1,500.00
Elkins Middle SchoolReal World Math with Scholastic Math Magazine – $1,800.00
Elkins YMCA Dolphin Wireless Timing System – $3,485.21
Garage StrongGarage Strong – $10,000.00
Green Bank Elementary Middle SchoolLiterary DVD Collection – $2,500.00
George Ward Elementary SchoolDinosaur School – $2,100.00
George Ward Elementary SchoolMost kids don’t get enough water – $3,000.00
George Ward Elementary SchoolInteractive Technology – $1,000.00
George Ward Elementary SchoolSafety is Top Priority – $2,300.00
Girl Scouts of Black Diamond CouncilGirl Scout Leadership Experience – $1,000.00
Green Bank Elementary Middle SchoolThe Race to Read – $2,000.00
Greenbrier Repertory Theatre CompanyProfessional Theatre for Area Students – $2,400.00
Historic Beverly Preservation IncA window of the wild and wonderful women of West Virginia – $3,550.00
Linwood Alive Bike Skills Trail Enhancement – $10,000.00
Linwood DaycareLittle People Big Adventures – $4,000.00
Marlinton Middle SchoolKeeping Students Connected – $3,000.00
Marlinton Middle SchoolArt in the Time of Cholera, um, COVID – $1,157.00
Marlinton Middle SchoolFloor Mat Rack/ Floor Mat – $3,207.00
Marlinton Middle SchoolSurface Go 2 Math – $5,500.00
Midland ElementaryIpads For Kindergarten Classroom – $3,538.00
Mountain Arts District Children’s Art Trail – $1,600.00
Mountain HospicePatient Support Fund – $5,000.00
Mountain State Forest FestivalMountain State Forest Festival Support – $2,500.00
Phil Gainer Community CenterBasketball Goals at Phil Gainer – $5,000.00
Pocahontas Center AuxiliaryPocahontas Center Auxiliary Christmas 2020 – $1,500.00
Pocahontas Board of EducationOpening the Doors to our Young Children’s Learning World – $4,000.00
Pocahontas Board of Education Excellence in High Tech mth Teaching – $3,880.00
Pocahontas County FRNCribs for Kids – $2,050.00
Pocahontas County High SchoolPositive Outcomes – $3,000.00
Pocahontas County High SchoolPCHS Golf Team Mobile Launch Monitor – $500.00
Pocahontas County High SchoolNew Soccer Goals so we can get Goals!! – $1,620.00
Pocahontas County High School Surface Go’s for students on the go! – $4,000.00
Pocahontas County High SchoolMini laptops for Tech Savvy Kids – $3,500.00
Pocahontas County Senior CitizensTransportation – $6,000.00
Randolph County Emergency SquadVests for EMS – $4,000.00
Randolph County Fair 4-H Livestock CommitteeRandolph County 4H Wash Pit/ Camp Pioneer – $5,000.00
Russell Memorial Public Library Book Flix – $1,830.00
Tygarts Valley BaseballEquipment and Facilities – $2,800.00
Tygarts Valley Middle/High School BandBandroom Renovation Project – $5,000.00
Valley Head Public LibraryLibrary of Things – $1,500.00
Watoga State Park FoundationWatoga Dark Sky Project- Interpretive Signs – $2,000.00
Webster County Memorial HospitalAccuvein Vein Finder – $4,600.00
Webster County Office of Emergency ServicesWebster EOS Thermal Drone – $10,000.00
Webster Springs Scout Troop 218Summer Camp Program – $2,220.00
Webster Springs Scout Troop 218 Lifeline – $500.00
Webster Springs Volunteer Fire Department Ladies AuxiliaryLost Revenue – $1,500.00
WV Railroad Museum1946 Cadillac Railcar Restoration – $3,100.00
WV Wood Technology CenterMaker Space Equipment – $7,500.00
Webster Addison LibraryNew collections Units and Library Materials – $2,500.00

Interested in Supporting the Growth of Our Local Community?

If you are interested in supporting the efforts of the Snowshoe Foundation, please consider volunteering your time or participating in a fundraiser. Direct donations to assist with the growth of our local communities are also welcome and appreciated.

Winter Benefit
Ice Dinner

February 25, 2022

Winter Benefit Ice Dinner

Annual Snowshoe Foundation
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June 11, 2021

Annual Snowshoe Foundation Golf Tournament

Treasure on the
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August 7, 2021

Treasure on the Mountain Raffle

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