The Mission of the Snowshoe Foundation

Elevating Life Quality in Central West Virginia

Our Mandate:

Snowshoe Foundation

The Snowshoe Foundation envisions happy, healthy, and growing communities.

Snowshoe Foundation

The mission of the Snowshoe Foundation is to elevate the quality of life for residents within the Central West Virginia communities of Pocahontas, Randolph, and Webster Counties.

Snowshoe Foundation Core

The Snowshoe Foundation embraces the following values and principles we hold most dear: Philanthropy, Integrity, Stewardship, Community, and Hope!

A Compassionate Organization Seeking to Uphold Our Shared Values

At the Snowshoe Foundation, our mandate is to provide financial support to local community organizations whose activities benefit residents living in Pocahontas, Webster, and Randolph Counties. We are a compassionate organization that seeks to enhance life in our region, while making our mountain communities better places to live for all. We are proud to uphold the shared values that reflect our character.

Supporting Worthwhile Community Endeavors

Our Foundation organizes five major benefits each year. These events, as well as other initiatives throughout the year, provide the source of funds to support a variety of worthwhile community endeavors. Applications for funds are accepted from organizations and individuals within the communities we serve. Upon submission, all applications will be evaluated according to their merit by the Snowshoe Foundation Allocation Committee.

Snowshoe Foundation Fundraisers

Benefit Dinner

Fall 2024

Benefit Dinner

Annual Snowshoe Foundation
Golf Tournament

June 7th, 2024

Annual Snowshoe Foundation Golf Tournament

Treasure on the
Mountain Raffle

August 3, 2024

Treasure on the Mountain Raffle

Lighting Our Hearts
Christmas Tree Fundraiser

December, 2023

Lighting Our Hearts Christmas Tree Fundraiser

Dave Dekema
Holiday Toy Drive

Holidays 2024

Holiday Toy Fundraiser