SNOWSHOE — The Snowshoe Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to serving children, families, and community organizations in Pocahontas, Randolph, Webster and surrounding counties, has made an announcement in response to the ongoing COVID-19 epidemic. In lieu of their annual individual grants, the Foundation is donating $30,000 to local food pantries.

“Our top priority every year is to have the most positive impact we can with the resources that we have” said Snowshoe Foundation Director Kristen Doss. “This year, we felt the most impactful thing we could do was support the amazing food pantries in our communities. With schools closed and many of our neighbors still out of work, we want to help ensure that everyone is taken care of in this time of need.”

While the annual individual grant program typically totals $20,000, the Foundation’s Board of Directors decided to increase that number to $30,000 this year, allocated as follows:

• $10,000 — Pocahontas County Family Resource Network

• $10,000 — Randolph County Family Resource Network

• $5,000 — Webster County Catholic Charities

• $5,000 — Cowen Food Pantry