Snowshoe Foundation
2018 Grants

Funding Guide & Application

Grant Cycle – 2018
Requests for Funds
$10,000 – $20,000

Important Dates
Application Opens: February 1, 2018
Application Closes: March 26, 2018
Application Awarded: April 25, 2018

General grant cycle for all requests below $10,000 will open September 1, 2018

Inquiries / Questions:
Jessica Stump
PO Box 130 Snowshoe WV 26209

Eligibility & Guidelines

Organizations must have a current tax-exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and must be recognized as a public charity or associated with the public school system to apply.

The minimum amount that can be requested is $10,000, maximum amount is $20,000

Applications must be RECEIVED no later than March 26, 2018 (if an application is received after due date, the application will be denied).

Please attach:

1. A copy of the most recent Audited Financial Statement.   If there is not an Audited Financial Statement, please explain and attach a copy of the most recent 990.  Please note, if you have the 990 postcard, attached a copy of the postcard and a completed Fiscal Year Financial Statement.

2. A list of the names, titles, and city or town of residence for the board of directors, chief executive officer, and any other key personnel or volunteers involved in the project.


Evaluation Criteria:

  • Application is fully complete and legible.
  • The purpose of the project is explained and falls within the scope and priorities set forth for the Snowshoe Foundation.
  • The goals and objectives are clear with measurable outcomes.
  • The budget is adequate to support the project and sufficient justification is given for the amount requested.

Preference in funding will be given to projects that best demonstrate:

  • Benefit our service area community (Pocahontas, Randolph, Webster counties)
  • Are innovative and proactive
  • Use an integrated and collaborative approach, avoiding duplication
  • Demonstrate community support for the project, particularly from any partners
  • Identify other financial or in-kind contributions
  • Build and strengthen community capacity
  • Are good prospects for successful implementation
  • Show volunteer and community involvement with the project

Funding exclusions:

  • Projects which produce a private benefit to a specific business or person(s)
  • Retrospective funding (i.e. for costs already incurred before approval of funding is given)
  • Ongoing operational costs
  • Conferences, forums or workshops
  • Loans
  • Becoming dependent on Snowshoe Foundation funding
  • Salaries or compensations

2018 Grant Application Online Form

2018 Grant Application PDF Form