The Snowshoe Foundation – Grants

The deadline for submitting Grant Applications has passed. Thank you for your submissions.

Project Period: January 1, 2018 – December 31, 2018

The Snowshoe Foundation seeks to enhance the quality of life in Pocahontas, Randolph and Webster counties in West Virginia by financially investing in local organizations and/or individuals working in the areas of:

(1) health (2) human services (3) education and the arts (4) recreation
(5) culture (6) the environment

The Snowshoe Foundation is particularly interested in projects involving children, youth and families.

Support from the Snowshoe Foundation is given in the form of cash grants. The Snowshoe Foundation supports funding for capital assets like construction, equipment and supplies as well as for programs. This does not preclude funding of programs well suited to our mandate. Funding is not provided for salaries.

Below is more information on how the process works.

Complete this Grant Application Form so that we may give consideration to your request for funding. Please understand that as part of our obligation to exercise due diligence with respect to any grant, and to comply with other legal requirements, the Snowshoe Foundation may seek information, from a variety of sources, about your organization and the people involved in your organization.

Submit this application form and any supporting information, either by mail or in person, to:

P.O. BOX 130

No later than WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 11, 2017 AT 4:30 P.M.

Faxed applications will NOT be accepted

After reviewing all applications received by the deadline, the Board of Directors may contact you for an interview between the dates of November 9th and November 10th, 2017. The Board will finalize allocations by November 22, 2017 with announcement and distribution of funds taking place on or before December 4, 2017.

You will report to the Snowshoe Foundation quarterly as you use the grant award money. The Foundation will provide the quarterly report form to you.

To receive future funding from the Snowshoe Foundation it is mandatory that you recognize and publicize Snowshoe Foundation’s support of your project.  In your final report you will be asked to include any articles, pictures, programs, media releases, signs, newsletters, etc. which specifically identify Snowshoe Foundation’s involvement.

The deadline for submitting Grant Applications has passed. Thank you for your submissions.


Non-Profit Grant Application Form

School Grant Application Form